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Family Owned & Operated

We love working in this business. First, we get to work in an industry that is improving people’s experience outside and second, we get to work daily with our family and bring the same values we grew up with into our workplace; integrity, team work and fun.

Who wouldn’t want to rid their yard of mosquitoes and ticks? Before we started looking into this business we didn’t even know their was a professional service like this. For year’s, we had been using everything on the market to try to keep our yard free of these bugs. While it had a little impact, nothing works quite like a seasonal maintenance program with the right equipment and formulation to get the job done right. When we discovered that there was a mosquito control and tick control industry out there already all we had to do was find the company that fit with our vision. After some research we believe Mosquito Squad has the best model encompassing customer service and ongoing support to keep the business at the top of the mosquito and tick fighting game.

On top of providing a service that keeps pesky and sometimes dangerous bugs away we also get to work in a family owned business. This is a value you cannot put a price on. We’ve been able to involve every family member in running this operation and we take great pride in the product and service we provide.

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